MY Art Studio

"We inspire & empower children with creativity through originality & aesthetic concept."

Nurturing Creativity Through Art

MY Art Studio is an arts and crafts space for kids. The programmes prioritise freedom of artistic expression and choice. While direction is given on themes and topics, children draw inspiration mostly from their own experiences and things they like. 

Our Programme

The ambiance in My Art Studio is warm, cozy and conducive for creative works of art, with decorations of children’s own handiwork


Art courses in MY Art Studio are designed based on the art concept of the Founder of Children Art, Dr. Frank Cizek and Viktor Lowenfeld. MY Art courses are able to develop children in both artistry and psycho-development. 

Business Opportunity

“I achieved 5 figures passive income monthly by just operating as part time for 12 hours per week.” said Shirly Tan from MY Art Studio, Kota Kemuning, Selangor. Join the international art & craft education business now!