3 – 7 years old


MY Nursery Art is an art system specifically designed by MY Art Studio for children aged 3 to 7 years. As an early childhood education expert, our courses are duly recognized by Warnborough College, UK. Art is an education that helps to build up the personality and characters of children. It is also an effective communication tool that enables the children to express their feelings visually through art and craft activities.

Benefits of joining NAC:


Sense Development

Imagination Development

Teamwork Skills Development

Motor Skills Development


Maria Montessori.
Italian Physician & Education.
Born: August 31, 1870; Died: May 6,1952


Montessori Education Concept

The courses at MY Craft Studio are developed based on the Montessori Education Concept and the teaching modules are carefully designed according to Montessori’s “Children’s Sensitivity Period”. Interesting art and craft materials and fun activities are being prepared to support children’s development at different ages and to enhance their “Sense Development”, “Imagination” and also “Teamwork” and Motor Skills”.


Montessori Sensitive Periods in Child Development:


Love & Patience

Handling Small Objects

Discipline & Manners

Motor Skills Development


Order & Sequence

Space Arrangement


Material Set for Nursery Art Course

NAC does not only emphasize on inspiring children’s creativity but it also helps to educate children by instilling educational values through fun art lessons. There are 12 series of NAC Art books that consist of different educational values such as “Go Green”, “World Peace”, “Save the Earth”, “Recycle” and “Love Animal”.







8 – 12 years old

Multicultural Craft Course is a craft system based on the cultures of different countries in the world. During each session, the children will get the chance to wear the pilot uniform and to hold their luggage and “Travelling Craft Passport” while creating the world’s famous craft. They will also be able to widen their general knowledge by using the “Travel Guide” and watching the video clip relating to the histories and geographies of various countries.

Benefits of MCC:



Multiple Craft provides the best platform to develop children’s ability to create and to inspire their creative minds.


Children will get to explore and learn to respect other cultures of different countries. It also gives them the chance to discover the beauty of this world.


Handicrafts provide a lot of opportunities for children to observe and to improve their hand-eye coordination.



Touch the world with Craft!

Multicultural Craft is an art education course that enables the children to learn about various cultures of different countries. The children will get to imagine themselves as a traveler by wearing their pilot uniforms. They will also get the chance to explore the uniqueness of different cultures by making famous crafts from around the world.

Traveler’s Passport

Upon completion of each individual craft, the student’s own “Travelling Craft Passport” will also be given a unique stamp.

Travel Guide

A travel guide is also prepared for the children to learn the histories and geographies of different countries in the world. This travel guide will serve as a guideline when briefing the children about the historical information of the craft. A photo album is also inserted into this travel guide to help children in their observation.

Traveler’s Certificate

Recognition towards children is important to serve as their motivation to grow and improve further. Therefore, a certificate will be presented to children who have successfully completed the craft manage to complete craft set of a country.

Creating Craft with different materials

Art is a microcosm of culture. By using different materials, Multicultural Craft inspires children’s creativity and it helps develop their creative abilities. It also helps children to see beauty in this world in the shortest possible time!

Reward Sticker Book

A sticker book will be provided for every child in craft class. A sticker will also be given to children who have performed well in class.



Material Set for Multicultural Craft Course

MCC emphasizes on inspiring children’s creativity by educating children about different parts of the world. Children will understand culture of various countries through fun activities. There are 15 series of MCC Craft Box that consist of different cultural values of countries like “Japan”, “India”, “United Kingdom, and “China”.



3 – 4 years old


Introducing Craftessori Sensory Play (CSP) by MY Craft Studio, a delightful program for curious minds aged 3-4! Our program encourages exploration and creativity through engaging sensory activities.
CSP activities stimulate touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste, helping kids develop fine motor skills while enjoying crafting, Montessori Learning Trays, and messy play sessions.
There are 9 concepts in the Craftessori Sensory Play (CSP) program designed to inspire children’s learning and play. From Ocean Life to Earth, Planet & Space, each theme offers endless fun and learning opportunities for kids. Engage their curiosity today!



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